Monday, August 31, 2015

ETC: My Mama

I am blessed to still have my Mama with me. She will soon be 92 years old and is still

able to live in Assisted Living.The circle of life continues as she is getting more feeble

everyday and her mental clarity is declining..

She has been my friend as well as my Mama. She use to go with me on trips and we

use to walk and do so many things. She was my confident and the one I could blow off

steam with. I miss the ability to really be able to talk to her. The conversation is now

mostly answering the same questions over and over again each time you visit. But you

know that is ok and I am thankful she has the ability to ask even though she may not

remember the answer.As I age my memory is declining also and sometimes I am told

I ask the same thing over and over again. We will all reach, God willing, this season of

our lives. Enjoy and cherish your Mama cause you will never have anyone to love

and care for you like they do. Thanks for letting me write about my Mama feeling a

little sad as I watch her decline physically and mentally but still so very thankful.
This is me and my Mama

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Getting a tattoo

I got a small tattoo. I am a senior citizen, grandmother and a great-grandmother and I

just got my first and only tattoo. I will share some funny pictures of me while getting

the tattoo but it was a serious reason as to why I got it. Almost everyone knows of

someone either a family member or friends who has or is battling depression and

other mental diseases. Regretfully this sometimes leads to harmful behaviors or thoughts

of suicide. I came upon this web site while dealing with this within my family. The

website is "Project Semi-Colon". It is to let these friends ,family members or whoever

we come in contact with that we are here for them and that their life is not over. There

is hope and their is help for them. We all can help by being there and taking their

cries for help seriously don't just shake it off. There is alot of information and resources

Now the tattoo and the very funny but true photos of this lady getting her first and

only tattoo.

The semi-colon;  Your Life Story is Not Over




Monday, July 13, 2015

Mystic Connecticut

A breath of fresh are between Boston and New York. A lovely seaside town along

the Mystic River. The historic town of Mystic is built around and near a drawbridge.

Mystic Pizza was our first stop to get some great pizza. This was the filming location

of Julia Roberts movie "Mystic Pizza". The main street had lots of great shops and

food. This may sound strange but it also a beautiful cemetery with many

beautiful trees and water.

Outside of Mystic Pizza
Church on main street

Julia Roberts and cast members 
More Mystic to come  

Sunday, July 12, 2015

June Trip

I am sorry it has taken me awhile to tell you about my June trip with my daughter.

It was a very good trip in all ways except maybe for the traffic. This old southern

lady's nerve were shot. My daughter does good. The toll roads are expensive we

could have got a tank of gas with what we had to pay in tolls. The weather

was very good not to hot and not to cold. We saw a lot in the five days we

were on the road and put quite a few miles on my daughters car. We get

to mark off the following states. Connecticut, Massachusetts and Rhode Island.

We only have three states left to visit and we will have visited every East Coast

State. The last three to visit are Maine, Vermont and New Hampshire. Our first stop

was Mystic, Connecticut. So check back for details about this lovely town.

Until Next Time   Linda
This is my map marking off the visited states

Some of the traffic at toll booth

Even Jaime had white knuckles a few times

Wednesday, June 17, 2015


TRAVEL AND ETC: June: This has been a busy and fast month with lots of personal life things going on. BUT we did manage a day trip to the beach. Two of my daugh...


This has been a busy and fast month with lots of personal life things going on. BUT we

did manage a day trip to the beach. Two of my daughters and one of my grandsons. We

are only about 3 hours from the coast so not along drive.I use to do it many years

ago when I was a teenager and we didn't have the interstate highway. I love sitting

and watching and listening to the ocean but quit actually going in the water a long

time ago. At this time there has been some unusual shark attacks two young people

have been bitten and lost their left arms.I think a lot of people are staying out as there

have been quite a few sightings in shallow water. I think it is just a sign as to how bad

our eco system is out of balance. We did have a good day with no bad things happening.

My two girls had a fun time in the water even though it was rough. My grandson and I

sat and watched them.

My favorite time for the beach is in the fall and spring time when it is not so hot and

crowded. A day at the beach in summer is very rare for me.

Until Next Time


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