Sunday, March 22, 2015


It has arrived even though it has been a little on the cool side since the official

arrival of spring. It is here and the earth and all the flowers and trees are coming to

life again. It just makes you happy! happy! happy.!

It is so wonderful to ride around and see all of nature coming to life. In our

area it is the Bradford Pear trees

ENJOY THE SRING TIME           Until Next Time  God Bless   Linda

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

ETC POST Samaritans Purse World Water Campaign

Water the most important resource in our lives. We take it for granted until it is

not available. A lot of us found that out during the winter with the bitterly cold

weather and our water froze up. Water is necessary for our lives. We use it to

drink, cook, personal care and cleaning. There are so many people in this world

who do not have access to clean pure healthy water to drink to keep them alive

and well.

This week Samaritans Purse is providing information on their clean water projects

around the world and taking donations to fund these projects

Please check out this link

If you can donate any amount is appreciated. Lets help the world get clean fresh water

Until next time


Friday, March 6, 2015

TRAVEL AND ETC: Electronic Confusion

TRAVEL AND ETC: Electronic Confusion: Do you know how confusing all this new technology is for someone not born during the electronic generation? I am one of them not having a ...

Electronic Confusion

Do you know how confusing all this new technology is for someone not born during

the electronic generation? I am one of them not having a computer until I was an adult.

I am slowly trying to conquer and become somewhat knowlegable of all the new devices.

The list goes on and go you have desktops.laptops,kindles,Ipads,smart phones and a new

and improved version almost every year.

I am enjoying my blogging and what I learn from trial and error each day.I must admit

some days it feels like  it is a losing battle. Below are some of the books I have acquired

in my quest for knowledge,but as you can see I can't even the photo the right way. I shall

keep on with my journey thru this new technology. Stay tuned I may get it one day


Until next time

Wednesday, March 4, 2015


Trying to decide on how to do something


It has been such a beautiful day here in our part of NC. It got up to 75 can you believe

it. Flipflop weather and a full moon tonight. It was so needed the bad weather was 

getting everyone down. BUT and sometimes there is always a but tomorrow they are

calling for rain mixed with ice and snow. We will see what falls from the sky.

We took advantage of this day and went and got my Mama and took her out to eat at

Bill's BBQ in Wilson. She hasn't been able to get out much so we all enjoyed  the

time together and of course the food.
Spring is not to far away. We do the daylight savings thing this weekend and spring

forward one hour and have more daylight in the evenings.Lovin that!!

This is my Mama enjoying her plate full of food. 91 years young and still going.

 Enjoy what each day brings.

Until Next Time
God Bless

Saturday, February 28, 2015


We got snow on Tuesday it melted Wednesday and Wednesday night it hit us again

we got 6 inches or more and then we lost electric power 3am Thursday morning and

did not get back on until Friday afternoon.

So we spent this time by candle light with flickering fire light of a kerosene heater. We

did ok until our phones and kindles powered off. We slept a lot. Nice and peaceful

with cabin fever thrown in.

Tonight they are calling for some freezing rain but according to the extended

forecast if we make it thru tonight and tomorrow the forecast is for sunny days ahead.

Winter you have got to go
Spring and Summer We welcome you
 Until Next Time