Thursday, September 4, 2014

September Etc

The summer has flown by so quickly.Even though it is still hot weather it already has the feel

of Fall. Football started tonight according to my daughter and grandsons.

I have a lot of posts to get caught up on and I just wanted to let those who take the time to

read and follow my blog that I haven't forgotten you.

I have a new laptop with Windows 8 and it is taking me awhile to find out how to use it.

Change is hard when you get my age.

September is my birthday month on the 26. My daughter is September the 15th, My grandson

Andrew is the 21 and we have a new granddaughter due around the 29 so this is a busy


No photos to share with this entry as they are everywhere on old and camera.

I will get it together soon,

Thanks for reading and sharing.

Until next time


Friday, July 25, 2014

ETC July Movie Day

Hi everyone

We spent the day at the movies.

Hercules  with the Rock(Dwayne Johnson) It was an awesome movie. A very new twist on the Legend of Hercules. Funny/Sad/Battles and more. I think you will really enjoy it.

Lucy with Scarlette Johannsen   It started off very very good and then it went out into
outer space or somewhere. Not so good to me.

We ate at Dickey's Barbecue Pit between movies. Do you know they serve their BQ
sandwiches with sauce and pickles an onions?. That is new to me, so I got mine on the side.
I tried a little of each on my sandwich/ onions ok/pickles a no.I am planning on going
again and try some of their other dishes.

A great fun day just my husband and me.

I am trying to learn some new computer things so if something weird shows up
remember the learning process takes a little longer the older you get.

I should have some ads showing up and if you have time please click on them and
check them out.

Until next time
God Bless

Friday, July 18, 2014

ETC for Month of July

I am doing a lot of ETC because we don't travel much in the summer for 3 reasons: cost, crowds and expense. I am so ready to go and even just saying the above we are planning a beach trip for August. We found a real good deal at Carolina Beach and are so ready to go. The traveling bug has struck.

I am still working a very little at Dollar General so we will see how long it goes just saying I think a little
age bias going on but thats ok.

We've been traveling alot of the back roads between Bunn and Louisburg when we are going to see my Mama. We enjoy checking them out. The country is so beautiful.

Today we visited the town of Nashville NC est 1780. A beautiful historic town that has combined the old with the new.
I didn't get many photos because the sun was so bright and I couldn't see.I would love to go back with someone other than the husband and check it out. I saw quite a few thrift and antique shops.The main street
was very nice and not rundown as so many of our older main streets are.A very pleasant street to look at.

We ate at Sauls BBQ and Seafood.A very plain hometown place to eat. It was good and was
getting very crowded when we left.

We also rode thru Castalia NC which has Small Town USA which is shopping and also they
host country shows and more.

Check out their Facebook page for the next show.

We didn't go far but it was a nice day of traveling and enjoyment.

Thanks for reading and please share with your friends.
God Bless
Until next time

Tuesday, June 24, 2014


We finally got all moved in to our camper house at Lake Royale. I still have a lot of boxes that are
packed and stored but we are in.
A few pictures of our house and yard.
It really needs a lot of work.

I am glad to be back up here where we are camping all the time. A staycation daily. It is pretty and
mostly quiet up here. We love to take golf cart rides around the lake.

Besides moving I am working a temporary job with Dollar General helping with remodeling a store
and stocking 2 new stores. We have one more store to complete and then I guess I will be not working
again. It is hard work but I have enjoyed it just knowing that even though I am a senior citizen I can still
work. I have learned quite a bit.Fingers crossed that maybe a small part time position might show up
within one of the stores.

Thank you for reading and hopefully sharing my blog with your friends and if you can click on some of
the ads as that helps spread my blog around.

More to come
Until next time
God Bless

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

May ETC Catch Up

It has been a while since I have made an entry. It has been a busy time. Another season of life full of

We have been moving most of the time back up to Lake Royale in our little camper house. My advice
to anyone who will take heed don't ever downsize and then upsize again. We moved 18 months ago from our camper and into a very nice doublewide because of Mama being in wheelchair. Of course we had alot more space and of course somehow it got all filled up with stuff. So one again we are having to get rid of a lot of stuff we can't use.

It is a bit tight with all the dogs. My daughter is keeping 2 of them and we squeezed 3 of them in with us
It will take some getting use to being back in smaller housing but the Lake is great and we like it.

I will make a few entries to play catch up. Don't want to bore you with to much details

Please read and share and if you can and will click on some of the advertisements

Until next time
God Bless

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon is truly one of God's masterpieces. It is breathtaking. It didnot look real to me it looked like a lot of the photo's you see.

It was established as a National Park in 1919.It is 277 river miles long and an average of 10 miles wide
and almost a mile deep.There are many ways to see the canyon and much more time is needed than
we had.
A view from grandson Brandon. They have a paved walkway so that you can take a nice walk
around the rim of the canyon but also places you can get a little closer to the edge.

They have trailheads for hiking ranging from easy to very difficult. The high elevation can make any
hike exhausting.Hiking, camping, hotels are available near the canyon.

There are two rims North and South only 10 miles apart as the crow flies but over 200 by road.
So you truly would need some time to see and experience all the canyon has to offer.

A definite revisit if the opportunity comes again.

Until next time'

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Sedona Arizona

After many days on the road and many new and interesting sights we arrive for a 3 day stay in Sedona.
I don't know if we took the scenic drive in or if this was the only way in but it was quite interesting.
It was dark and we drove in on a dark winding two lane road. It reminded me of the road to Cherokee.
In the daylight it is a very beautiful drive but at night not so much.

Sedona is a nice little village retirement town. A lovely shopping area and many walking trails and surrounded
by many rock formations.

The rocks all have names such as Bell Rock, Snoopy, Balance Rock and so forth. Imagination is
a requirement to be able to put the name with the rock.

We managed a few short walks down some of the trails and I did ok as it was cool and windy.

Sedona is a place I want to revisit as there is so much to do there and we just scratched the surface.

Until next time,