Saturday, February 28, 2015


We got snow on Tuesday it melted Wednesday and Wednesday night it hit us again

we got 6 inches or more and then we lost electric power 3am Thursday morning and

did not get back on until Friday afternoon.

So we spent this time by candle light with flickering fire light of a kerosene heater. We

did ok until our phones and kindles powered off. We slept a lot. Nice and peaceful

with cabin fever thrown in.

Tonight they are calling for some freezing rain but according to the extended

forecast if we make it thru tonight and tomorrow the forecast is for sunny days ahead.

Winter you have got to go
Spring and Summer We welcome you
 Until Next Time

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

TRAVEL AND ETC: ETC!!!Would you believe more SNOW

TRAVEL AND ETC: ETC!!!Would you believe more SNOW: SNOW SNOW SNOW Yesterday it snowed all day a pretty gentle snow that covered everything. Today it warmed up and all that melted BUT ano...

ETC!!!Would you believe more SNOW


Yesterday it snowed all day a pretty gentle snow that covered everything. Today it warmed

up and all that melted BUT another winter storm and it is snowing again. We have no

clue how much it has been predicted anywhere from a trace to 10 inches. Even our

local weathermen are not sure. Whatever falls from the sky is what we will have.

Someone posted that if you wear your boots and flipflops in the same week you

must be from the South.

One good side effect of the falling snow is when I let the dogs out they don't stay

very long do their thing and then back in.

It was a busy day for a lot of folks the day between snow storms to get errands done

and the visit to the grocery store. My visit didn't take long I hit it just right between

the crowds and was able to get what I needed and get out.

 Until Next Time

From Snowy aka The Sunny South

God Bless

My House

Monday, February 23, 2015

ETC// More Snow

We are known as the sunny South but not lately. This last week has been so cold for

our part of the country. We had snow and ice last Tuesday and it is still around in a lot

of shady places. There is an old saying" if the snow lays around for more than a few days it

is waiting for some more", and it could hold some truth as we are looking at the chance of

snow for the next few days. Most of the schools in our area closed all but one day last week

due to a lot of our country roads were not passable for school buses. The kids loved it but will not

like having to make the days up.

Water Water everywhere but not a drop to drink: was a good saying for our part of the

country as with the very cold temperatures water pipes froze and busted everywhere.

The plumbers are still very busy

I like a little bit of cold weather, it kills off the bugs, and a little snow, it is so pretty when

it is falling, but what I love most is when it is gone.

Until next time Enjoy
the falling snow.
God Bless

Wednesday, February 18, 2015


The snow is gently falling outside right now to join the other we already have on the ground.

Here in the South we enjoy a little snow to make it exciting. I don't want as much as our Northern

states have.

I read a devotional using snow and I thought I would share it with everyone. It is from a

devotional by Stephen J Carter.

The title is Snow for Slowing Down  A little boy ask his Mom why God got let it keep

snowing so much? The Mom answers "God is making it snow because He thinks we've been

going to fast and should slow down? What a great answer, snow days to make us slow down

and relax and have fun and spend time with the family.I know our Northern states have to have

a lot of snow and they have this year to slow down.

Of course not everyone will agree that snow can be a blessing in disguise but sometimes

blessings are found when you look for them. Some of our snow covered in ice.

Make the best of the days whatever they bring
Until next time  Linda

ETC///FYI Postcrossings

 I read about this site in a Guidepost magazine. It is a site where you can send and receive

postcards to the world. I checked it out and have joined this project. I loved having penpals

from around the world and kept in touch for a few years writing back and forth to different

people and then it just sort of stopped.

The web site is .You go the site and sign up and give them the details they

need etc. They will send you a name and address and a short profile it is random so you

never know who or from what country. You send that person a postcard and as you get started

your name will be included and you will start receiving postcards. The site has a way to

track your traveling postcards and you can see when it was delivered to that person.

When you received a post card it has a place to register your card and post a photo of it.

It has a lot more features and if you love to get mail I think you will enjoy it. The cost as of now

to mail a post card internationally is 1.15.
 This is my first received
postcard from Finland  Check it out and see if this is a project you might be interested in
Thanks and have a Blessed Day

Thursday, January 29, 2015

TRAVEL AND ETC: ETC----Throwback Thursday

TRAVEL AND ETC: ETC----Throwback Thursday: This is a new trend on social media sites to post old photos of years past. A great way to remember good times and old friends. Let me see...