Saturday, April 18, 2015

Florida Trip -More

The Overseas Highway connects the mainland of Florida to the Florida Keys. It is quite

an achievement to me. It is also very beautiful. It is highway number one 127.5 miles.

It goes thru all the the towns and keys leading to Key West. Key Largo, Key Biscayne

Islamorada, Marathon just to name a few. The Seven Mile bridge just over water is

just breathtaking. We went to Bahia Honda State Park which is situated around part of

the old road. Trails, beach area a perfect place to walk and spend some time.

Below are some photos from the state park showing the Seven Mile Bridge in the

distance.  Thanks for reading and sharing.  Until Next time God Bless Linda

Monday, April 13, 2015

Florida Trip

Key West in March. It was a great but short trip.The weather : one day hot

next day windy and cold and of course our plans for that day didn't go

with the weather. The day we went to Key West it was hot and I don't do

hot weather. The day my daughter was going to try snorkeling it was cold rainy

and a rough sea so she declined the adventure.

We stayed at the Continental Inn in Key Colony Beach and it was such a great

place.It is like an oasis in the middle of a desert. It is an older place with small

condo units. The rooms all face the pool which is surrounded by flowers and

plants.You have your own beach with sand and a great view of the ocean. It was

in an area of lots of condos and homes. It had a community park and lots of

folks out walking. Sunset Beach was just a few feet away and it is called that

because you get a great view of the sun setting.We would love to be able to

go and stay here again. I am sharing a few photo's of the Inn and hope you enjoy

seeing them.

Until Next Time
God Bless

Thursday, April 2, 2015


My husband and I both retired early. He because of medical problems and myself

because I needed a break from the job I was doing. I went back to work for a few

more years doing different things until that feeling of needing to work left me.

You read articles everyday of what people are doing or where they are going

to live when they retire.  We are enjoying our retirement lifestyle even though

it wasn't what our dream was, but sometimes a dream is just a dream. The best

part of being retired is you are on your own time.We enjoy staying up late

and also sleeping late and also middle of the night trips to Waffle House.

This picture is of my husband and his favorite thing to do and of course our


We live close to a lake that gives you the feel of being on vacation.. We live in what we call a

camperhouse, which is a travel trailer with a roofover and a addition built on.

This is our home.

We have been blessed that we have been able to do

some traveling and we have had some great times.

For us I think we have the best balance. We live about 30

minutes from our family and can see them anytime. We still

get to travel and experience new and different things. Our

anchor is still our home and family

Enjoy your retirement and the freedom it gives you

whatever you decide to do. Just keep busy it keeps you

young and engaged in life. Until next time God Bless  Linda


Sunday, March 22, 2015


It has arrived even though it has been a little on the cool side since the official

arrival of spring. It is here and the earth and all the flowers and trees are coming to

life again. It just makes you happy! happy! happy.!

It is so wonderful to ride around and see all of nature coming to life. In our

area it is the Bradford Pear trees

ENJOY THE SRING TIME           Until Next Time  God Bless   Linda

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

ETC POST Samaritans Purse World Water Campaign

Water the most important resource in our lives. We take it for granted until it is

not available. A lot of us found that out during the winter with the bitterly cold

weather and our water froze up. Water is necessary for our lives. We use it to

drink, cook, personal care and cleaning. There are so many people in this world

who do not have access to clean pure healthy water to drink to keep them alive

and well.

This week Samaritans Purse is providing information on their clean water projects

around the world and taking donations to fund these projects

Please check out this link

If you can donate any amount is appreciated. Lets help the world get clean fresh water

Until next time


Friday, March 6, 2015

TRAVEL AND ETC: Electronic Confusion

TRAVEL AND ETC: Electronic Confusion: Do you know how confusing all this new technology is for someone not born during the electronic generation? I am one of them not having a ...

Electronic Confusion

Do you know how confusing all this new technology is for someone not born during

the electronic generation? I am one of them not having a computer until I was an adult.

I am slowly trying to conquer and become somewhat knowlegable of all the new devices.

The list goes on and go you have desktops.laptops,kindles,Ipads,smart phones and a new

and improved version almost every year.

I am enjoying my blogging and what I learn from trial and error each day.I must admit

some days it feels like  it is a losing battle. Below are some of the books I have acquired

in my quest for knowledge,but as you can see I can't even the photo the right way. I shall

keep on with my journey thru this new technology. Stay tuned I may get it one day


Until next time