Sunday, May 17, 2015


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TRAVEL AND ETC: Local Travel AvaGardner Museum

TRAVEL AND ETC: Local Travel AvaGardner Museum: The Ava Gardner museum is located in Smithfield NC. This is another local museum that has been ignored by me for years. It far exceeded my...

Local Travel AvaGardner Museum

The Ava Gardner museum is located in Smithfield NC. This is another local museum

that has been ignored by me for years. It far exceeded my expectations. It honors the

life, the loves and the legacy of a small town farmers daughter who became a leading

lady in Hollywood and an international star. The museum contains memorabilia from her life,

clothes jewelry and movie costumes. The museum contains  portraits of Ava

completed by Bert Pfeiffer who did a portrait of her yearly for many years.She spent the

last years of her life in Spain and England. Ava died January 25 1990 from pneumonia.

She was buried in Smithfield NC beside her parents. The photos I am sharing show

some of the excellent  exhibits  they have, the portraits done by her admirer and her

gravesite. I hope you enjoy the little bit of information I have shared.

Thanks for reading and please share Linda

Monday, May 11, 2015

Local Travel Places

We have passed the sign for "The Country Doctor Museum" for years. We finally

decided to visit it and was very surprised as to how great a museum it is. The location

is Bailey NC. The museum was donated to East Carolina University  in 2003 and is the

oldest museum in the United States dedicated to America's rural health care. The artifacts

cover the time period starting in the late 18th century to the first half of the 20th century.

The museum was started in 1967 by a group who wanted to preserve this part of history.

The museum consist of the Freeman-Brantley building which is two actual Doctors

offices that where relocated to site. It contains many artifacts of the practice of medicine

 including leeches. The Carriage House contains forms of transportation that was used by

the Doctors to make house calls.

A light with a reflector to make light brighter

A human skull

The garden with herbs they used

Entrance to Doctors offices

Buggy for transportation

Crank up car if you cranked to much it would bounce back and break your arm. It was called a Ford Fracture

Again Local treasures are all around us if we take the time to check them out.

Stayed tuned for another great local museum we visited

Until next time
God Bless

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Travel Local

My traveling partner who is also my daughter and I are checking out some of the local

places to visit on the weekend. It is strange that you live somewhere almost all your

life and have never checked out local places.

We start out with our small town which we discovered has a museum. It is still in

infancy but growing. The Youngsville Womens club started it in 2007 by purchasing

the oldest church building in town to preserve it and to make it into a museum to

house the history of Youngsville and the surrounding community.

The Youngsville Christian Church was first organized in 1886 and it is still a lovely

building and I am so grateful that it is being taken care of. There is still a lot of work

to be done on the church to bring it up to date so that the museum can expand and be able

to take in more artifacts  The articles they have now are great and it is a pleasure to

look at them and learn of the history of our town. Did you know that it was

originally called Pacific in 1848 when the first post office was established? It was

incorporated in 1875 as the town of Youngsville. History is great and I am glad that

our hometown has a museum.

To help finance the work on the museum
they have on sale notecards and a small
print of the Church by Brenda King .

Check out your local places and see what
treasures you can find.

We have a local trip planned for next weekend
so check back and see what we discover

Until next time Thanks for reading and sharing.
God Bless

Friday, April 24, 2015

Mothers Day/Samaritans Purse

Mothers Day May 2015

What is a Mother? There are not enough words to describe a Mother. When we are

young they are our caretakers,our protection, our comfort our everything.When we are

teenagers that is a different story but as we grow and mature they  become our friends

This is my Mama 91 years old.The roles are reversing as I become one of her

caretakers.It is a hard change to accept to become a caretaker of the person who has

always been the one to take care of you. I am blessed to still have her in my life.
The journey is not easy and there have
been lots of ups and downs as we both
adjust to the role reversal.I miss our talks as she now is very forgetful she
always listened and we talked about
whatever was going on. I miss our
walks and calling her and saying come on Mama lets go do whatever. I am thankful for the talks we  now have and the memories we can still make
not the same but yet the same. I love my
Mama and am thankful for her and the
time we have left as Mother and daughter.

Mothers are the same all over the
world they do the best they can to
take care of and protect their kids.

Samaritans Purse has Maternal and Child Health Programs all over the world to help
these Moms and their children.Samaritans Purse needs your help prayerfully and financially to
continue to help these Moms and their kids. Please take the time starting April 27 to check out
their website to find out more about these programs and the ways that you can help If you feel led you can a gift in honor of your Mom.

Happy Mothers Day to Mothers all over the world. Every women is a mother is some way
to those around her. God Bless until next time

Wednesday, April 22, 2015


My heart and spirit have been broken and pressed down since the weekend. A young sweet

mother to be was killed by her boyfriend. He left her laying in a dark parking lot hurt

bleeding and all alone except I believe for the presence of her Lord and Savior. She

had just enough life left in her to call 911 and tell them where she was at.She later

died but not before the Drs were able to bring her little baby girl into the world.The

baby 3 months early but alive. We thank God for this miracle and pray for the continued

life and growth of this precious little one.

This kind of tragedy is sad but it is sadder and harder to understand when it is someone

you know and their family. My heart grieves with her family that is left behind. It is

hard to really know what they are going thru. You can feel their pain but know that it is so

much more than you can imagine.They are in our hearts and thoughts as they go thru this

horrible tragedy.

We may never know what triggered this tragedy for this young mother to be and her

boyfriend as no one saw any signs trouble between them. Lives changed forever in

one moment of time.

Thank you for letting me share my grief and disbelief about this tragedy. We lay it

at the foot of the Cross where our hope and strength come from. Lord continue to

be with the families of the young girl and the boyfriend. Pray your healing hand

upon the little baby girl who has a struggle before her to live and grow.